5. experipy.metrics - Results Parsing

This module provides the Metric class as a means of defining and extracting values from the results of Experiment runs.

5.1. Metric objects

class experipy.metrics.Metric(name, filename, regex, parser=<type 'float'>)

Metric objects define a value to be extracted from a given file.

A metric consists of a base filename, a regex with which to search that file, and a parser which converts the value, once found, into the desired type.

  • name (str) – The name of the metric.
  • filename (str) – The name of the file in a given results directory to search. For instance, if the metric should appear in the standard output of a given experiment, then filename should be set as raw.out.
  • regex (str) – A string which will be compiled as a regular expression and used to search for the metric. Must contain a Named Group with the name value (i.e. (?P<value>\d+)).
  • parser (callable) – A callable taking a single string argument and returning the value converted to the desired type. Defaults to float.
get_value(resultpath, default=None)

Given a path to a results directory, attempt to extract the value. Optionally provide a default value in the event the value can’t be found.